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Range of Sime products

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of Sime products

Impact Guns

Guns for heavy-duty applications in terms of hours and working conditions. Rotation is determined by the interaction of the water flow with an oscillating arm.

Turbine Guns

Guns for applications requiring extreme precision and light droplets. Rotation is performed by a gear system operated by a water turbine.

Electric Guns

Intelligent guns developed for irrigation with hose reel machine in irregularly shaped plots, equipped with an electronic control unit to be managed by applications on smartphones.

Big Pop-ups

Underground pop-up guns for sport fields with real or syntethic grass. With a range of up to 50m, 6 or 8 pop-up sprinklers are enough to cover the entire surface of a sports field.

Impact Sprinklers

Small and medium-size sprinklers ideal for stationary and garden irrigation systems. Sime’s range of small and medium-sized sprinklers is the widest on the market and therefore satisfies any demand.


Mechanical devices to automatically change irrigation angle after a desired time interval.


Medium and long range sprinklers and guns since 1951. Top quality products, technologically advanced and versatile, manufactured with excellent materials. ISO 9001 quality-certified company.


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