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In recent years, the North American continent has become an increasingly important commercial outlet for SIME products, which have carved out a significant market share thanks to these key strengths: quality, reliability, and durability. However, we know well that, in addition to these essential features that customers already find in our sprinklers,

When it comes to efficiently irrigating vast agricultural areas, hose reel irrigation machines are the preferred choice of many farmers. A crucial component of these irrigation machines is undoubtedly the cannon placed on the cart at the end of the reel, and this is where SIME comes into play with a

The industrial sector presents unique challenges in terms of safety and environmental control, especially in environments such as quarries, mines, and material storage sites. Suppressing dust and preventing fires are two critical aspects that demand reliable and efficient solutions. Even in these extreme conditions, SIME products come into play as the

With less than one month left until one of the most crucial fairs for the irrigation industry, we are gearing up for the grand event of Agritechnica, the convention dedicated to agricultural machinery, held biennially in Hannover, Northern Germany, which this year will be from November the 12th to the 18th.

Those working in agricultural irrigation or industrial fields that make use of sprinklers know that the choice of these devices can be crucial for the proper functioning of the entire irrigation system. A sprinkler that is too large or too small for irrigation system's sizing or a rain gun with technology

About one year ago we were launching our new website and since then step by step we have been filling it with new contents that may interest people dealing with SIME products. This blog represents a vehicle through which staying up to date about the latest news and knowing every detail


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