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The industrial sector presents unique challenges in terms of safety and environmental control, especially in environments such as quarries, mines, and material storage sites. Suppressing dust and preventing fires are two critical aspects that demand reliable and efficient solutions. Even in these extreme conditions, SIME products come into play as the best solution to the problem.

Airborne dust in industrial settings, construction sites, or mines can be harmful to workers’ health, making the air unbreathable, and to equipment damage. SIME guns provide an effective response to this issue. Their ability to distribute water uniformly and in a controlled manner helps suppress dust, contributing to maintaining a safer and healthier working environment while preventing atmospheric pollution.

In sites where wooden materials are stockpiled, in addition to the dust issue during loading and unloading, there is also the risk of fire, especially during drier periods of the year. This is where SIME irrigators prove invaluable. Thanks to their precise delivery of large volumes of water, they are ideal for both prevention through periodic wetting of the materials themselves and for extinguishing any fires that may ignite.

When analyzing the most commonly used SIME models for these applications, impact guns, especially those with adjustable incline angles like Syrio, Kronos, and Master, are certainly at the top of the list. These types of cannons offer the utmost reliability and adaptability to any situation.
In cases where minimal stress on gun’s support structure is essential, turbine guns, due to their continuous and impact-free rotation, provide an excellent solution.

Finally, when the priority is water conservation, impact sprinklers with connections of 2″ or smaller are often the preferred choice.

As always, for industrial applications as well, the SIME range can meet all the requirements encountered in the field, guaranteeing absolute quality, efficiency, and long-term durability in every scenario.


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