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In recent years, the North American continent has become an increasingly important commercial outlet for SIME products, which have carved out a significant market share thanks to these key strengths: quality, reliability, and durability.

However, we know well that, in addition to these essential features that customers already find in our sprinklers, it is crucial to provide an equally impeccable service to excel in a demanding market like North America.

It is precisely for this reason that SIME has decided to open a warehouse for guns and sprinklers in US, not far from Miami, Florida. Thanks to this investment, customers will be able to order the necessary materials from SIME (without import costs) and receive them within a few hours through fast deliveries directly to their premises. Especially during the summer months, when delivery times are a key factor, we are confident that this service will be greatly appreciated by our dealers in the United States and Canada.

Thus, we add another fundamental piece to support and consolidate the growth of SIME products and brand in the international market.


Medium and long range sprinklers and guns since 1951. Top quality products, technologically advanced and versatile, manufactured with excellent materials. ISO 9001 quality-certified company.


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