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When it comes to efficiently irrigating vast agricultural areas, hose reel irrigation machines are the preferred choice of many farmers. A crucial component of these irrigation machines is undoubtedly the cannon placed on the cart at the end of the reel, and this is where SIME comes into play with a range of products that make hose reel machines a solution that is hard to beat in terms of both irrigation efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Let’s start by listing some of the key advantages of using hose reel irrigation machines:

1. Full coverage: These machines can irrigate extensive agricultural areas relatively quickly, ensuring that every corner of the land receives the required amount of water.

2. Versatility: Hose reel machines can be easily moved from one location to another, allowing for flexible irrigation planning. This mobility is particularly advantageous when dealing with medium to large-sized fields of irregular shapes.

3. Water efficiency: Thanks to recent advancements in mechanical and electronic technology, these systems allow extremely efficient water usage, reducing waste and conserving this precious resource.

4. Cost efficiency: Since they do not require any field preparation during the winter, these machines are highly cost-effective in regions where natural rainfall is uncertain, such as continental Europe. In a particularly rainy irrigation season, simply remaining stationary can save substantial sums of money.

SIME has always offered a range of products that significantly enhance the performance of self-propelled irrigation machines. Below, we’ll provide an overview of the main solutions and explain in which cases each of them represents the ideal choice:

1. Impact guns: These models are the most common on machines that need to cover large cultivated areas. They are simple and reliable products with a lifespan of decades.

2. Turbine guns: These models contribute to creating finer droplets and are recommended for more delicate crops, such as vegetables.

3. Electric Guns: These innovative systems, combining a cannon and an electronic controller, allow irrigation management from a smartphone app and adjust the irrigation angle automatically based on the cannon’s position within the field, ensuring unparalleled precision in water distribution.

4. Rotorkit: This mechanical device is designed for impact guns, allowing users to reverse the irrigation sector after a set working time using a dedicated mechanical timer. In this case as well, the goal is to improve water distribution, especially in the corners of fields.


In conclusion, hose reel irrigation machines represent a breakthrough in modern agriculture, and when equipped with SIME irrigation guns, they become an unbeatable combination that ensures efficient irrigation in every sense for large-scale agricultural operations.


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