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Choose your sprinkler

Choose your sprinkler

Those working in agricultural irrigation or industrial fields that make use of sprinklers know that the choice of these devices can be crucial for the proper functioning of the entire irrigation system. A sprinkler that is too large or too small for irrigation system’s sizing or a rain gun with technology unsuitable for the intended application can create both technical and economic issues. However, finding the perfect model for your needs can often be a challenge, given the vast assortment available.

This is why SIME has decided to assist professionals in such searches through a new, entirely free tool: the online filter. Here’s how it works. You simply input some of the parameters or features you need on the left-hand side of the page, and the filter presents the sprinkles or rain guns available in SIME’s wide range that match your specific requirements.


Below, let’s have a look at the parameters that can be adjusted:
· Sprinkler/gun category: you can choose from different SIME product lines, such as impact guns, turbine guns, impact sprinklers, large pop-up or electric guns.

· Application of use: you can specify the application of use, including options like guns for hose reel machines, end guns for pivots, sprinklers for tripods, sprinklers for sports fields, or industrial dust suppression applications.
· Flow rate: you indicate the required flow rate.
· Range: you specify the required range (jet length).
· Angle of inclination: if necessary, you can indicate non-standard inclination angles.

By entering these simple data, in just a few clicks, the filter will display the SIME models best suited to your needs.


This new function, already available for free on our website, makes finding the perfect irrigator for your needs easier than ever before. You will no longer need to navigate through pages and pages of products and get lost in a sea of technical specifications. With a few simple steps, you will find the item that ensures your irrigation system is as effective as possible.

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