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About one year ago we were launching our new website and since then step by step we have been filling it with new contents that may interest people dealing with SIME products. This blog represents a vehicle through which staying up to date about the latest news and knowing every detail about SIME world.

For those who still do not know us very well, this first episode is giving a brief presentation of SIME and areas where it operates.

SIME is an Italian company headquartered in Guastalla (in the north of the country) that was founded in 1951 and today gives work to 40 people directly and slightly less indirectly. Since its birth, the company has been keeping its structure of a family business and currently it is managed by the third generation.

SIME business is the design, production and distribution of long-range sprinklers and water cannons (from 10 to 80 meters). Its products stand for excellence not only in Italy but also worldwide and they allowed SIME to become a global leader in the irrigation market. Commercial areas where SIME operates include agriculture, anti-frost irrigation, dust suppression in industry and mining, sport fields turf irrigation and finally gardening. One of our main characteristics that sets us apart is the ability of solving problems that customers report always with new solutions and products. Therefore, during our 70-years old history SIME range has progressively enlarged and nowadays it counts five product lines, thus representing the most complete on the market. In particular, we refer to them as impact guns and turbine guns, big pop ups, impact sprinklers and electric guns. Several solutions used in all these sprinklers and water cannons have been also patented, thus enabling SIME to continuously gain market shares.

For the future there are already several ongoing projects that hopefully will lead us to new products and improvements of existing ones. And the best way to always stay up to date about them is to not miss any episode of this blog.


Medium and long range sprinklers and guns since 1951. Top quality products, technologically advanced and versatile, manufactured with excellent materials. ISO 9001 quality-certified company.


Monday-Friday: 9.00-18.00
Via P. Togliatti, 21 - 42016 Guastalla (RE)
+39 0522 824724


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